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Jul 29
As you may know, NCH conducted a survey of consumers of homeopathic products in June 2015 to gather data about consumer attitudes about and experiences with OTC homeopathic medicines.   Nearly 20,000 consumers completed the survey - and confirmed the anecdotal testimonials we've received from the homeopathic community over the past 40 years. Here are some of the results highlights:   +90% of respondents indicated they were overall extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the results of OTC homeopathic medicines that they had used. +90% of respondents reported...
Jun 29
As you may know, NCH hosts an hour-long webinar each month and we are now seeking presenters for this popular webinar series for 2016!  Webinar topics vary from introductory basics for beginners to advanced case approaches for practitioners – the topic is up to you. With an average of 500+ people registering for each one, these webinars are a great way for professional homeopaths to get exposure to potential new clients, customers, and students – plus they are recorded and archived on the website!    Some topics we’d love to include in our webinar series in...
Jun 25
An updated policy document from the Department of Health and Human Services was published on May 26 regarding guidance for implementation of Section 2706, the non-discrimination section of the Affordable Care Act. IHPC representatives met with DHHS staff regarding inaccurately written guidelines for section 2706 after the Harkin event last September, providing clear comparisons between what is in the law and what was defined in the guidelines. Staff members were also given recommendations and additional documentation. The guidelines (used by insurers who are...