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Oct 24
The Ebola epidemic raging through West Africa has become a humanitarian crisis of great proportion. Homeopaths worldwide have been mobilizing their efforts toward gaining entrance in those countries affected, in order to provide homeopathic medical intervention to those individuals stricken with Ebola. The overriding goal is to investigate Ebola firsthand, and thereby determine which remedy or remedies are best for treating this disease.   Homeopathy has had a longstanding record in our over 200 year history in the successful treatment of a wide variety of epidemic diseases, including...
Oct 23
We are currently seeking webinar speakers for our 2015 calendar. Webinars are held once a month, at 8pm ET, and run one hour. Based on feedback we received from our recent community survey, we’re now looking for webinar speakers for the following topics: colic preparing for back to school/remedies to have on hand remedies for aging/the elderly preparing for/recovering from surgery (planned or unplanned surgeries) when to treat at home and when to make the decision to see a professional allergies So, if any of these topics sound interesting to you, or if you enjoy...
Oct 20
NCH needs your help! As you may know, this is a time of change for NCH, and NCH needs a board that is up to the task. Two years ago, the board heeded the call to widen the net for NCH and for homeopathy, starting a cascade of innovations such as:   “Rebranding” NCH (we won an award for it!) to make us more visible Hiring more professional expertise in nonprofit management, marketing, and other areas to help expand our influence Transitioning the board from being a working board to a more strategic role supported by expert staff    Now it’s the...